of the Coca-Cola vending machine

The Coca-Cola vending machine has earned a coveted position in American pop culture. Since 1929, when the first cooler standing on rickety legs offered a bottled Coke for a nickel, the Coca-Cola embossed red machine has been a mainstay in virtually every gas station, supermarket, public building and deserted outpost. Today, vintage Coke machines are serviced and sold to collectors for top dollar.

Retro Coca Cola Fridge
Photo of an American style 1950s diner
Retro Coca Cola Advert

The red-and-white Coca-Cola vending machine remains today as perhaps the most recognisable vending machine worldwide. Current models display the entire selection of drinks through a glass window. The slim, vertical windowed door is mostly a relic of the past. Businesses that lease these machines stock competing soft drinks in the Coke machine, but are under contract to stock a minimum number of Coca-Cola products.